Paolo Favati
Composer & Music Producer


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Verdiana Raw

new album! - verdiana raw official site - facebook

Verdiana Raw

391 Toscana


Spittle Rcocord

volume sick + ultimarata

new album, teaser

SINTEIKA - Momenti - Ottobre 2013

I Sinteika sono l'affermazione di tutto quello che sono e che vogliono essere: Sinteika possono essere soltanto Sinteika.

Volume Sick - La Capra -  2013

Un mix eterogeneo di improvvisazione di pancia e ricercatezza sonora. 
La miscela che ne viene fuori è una sonorità in cui gli strumenti sembrano fare l'amore tra di loro e in cui tutti sono protagonisti.

MONDO CANDIDO - Paolo Favati - Rotowash Remix



L'AURA - Non E' Una Favola

IRENE GRANDI - Prima di partire per un lungo viaggio

 Paolo Favati  - Forbidden Flowers

Raining House (Remix by Paolo Favati @ Blue Velvet II)

Digital Track
Immediate download of Raining House (Remix by Paolo Favati @ Blue Velvet II) in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.


Rainbow MelodiesMellonta Tauta


“Seid Radikal! Be radical!” This call to arms, as propagated in the song “Radikal” can be seen as programmatic for the entire new Pankow-album “And Shun The Cure They Most Desire”, the group’s first long player in more than five years, which sees them reunited with original vocalist and non-conformist Alex Spalck who lends his voice to three songs (next to new singer Bram Declercq) and wrote all the lyrics. The sonic anarchists headed by Maurizio (fm) Fasolo and Paolo Favati (whose definitive return to the band will probably delight the old fan base) have again set out to defy genre conventions by conjuring up a Molotov cocktail of EBM, Industrial, Pop, Minimal and Baroque fragments plus a wild cornucopia of sounds, beats and the unbridled fondness for experimentation. Impossible? There is no impossible! Garnished with cynical lyrics and a deliberate disrespect for systemic conventions, Pankow play in a league of their own… just like always when the mad Italians unleash an album unto the unsuspecting world. Fans know that they have to approach each new Pankow-release with an open mind, while people with a tendency for pigeonholing will get their stereotypes smacked right back into their faces with a smirk from the band. As a special bonus “And Shun The Cure They Most Desire” contains the bonus disc “+”, a collection of completely new and exclusive remixes from bands like Rabia Sorda, Tying Tiffany, Ambassador 21 and many more, as well as re- and deconstructions of classic songs by the band. Also included is a video clip for the programmatic album track “Dirty Old Men” from video artist Isabella Panero. With the new album, Pankow close the circle they started a decade ago with “Life Is Offensive…” Subversion rules! Open your mind!

Out Of Line & Metropolis Records



Pankow have not lost a single bit of their uniqueness on “Hogre”, although it has been some 25 years since their first release came out. Be it on their own or at the hands of resourceful remixers (among them Plastic Noise Experience), the Italians remain anything but predictable. An epic 10-minute-stomper (Don’t Follow) that sets out to prove that noisy Industrial-beats can be a good partner for a catchy, anthemic tune, a thudding ode to alcohol abuse on the backbeat of a glorious Old-School-EBM-tune (Das Wodkachaos), dark onslaughts of fat Electronica, minimalistic Noise-Pop-songs, Electroclash – anything goes, as long as it’s hitting hard. Is this EBM? Industrial Pop? Electro Rock? Catchy cacophony? 


A "lost" album from 1993... Well known for their "Six Razor Blades"album published in 1991 by Contempo Records, Volume Sick were born from the ashes Rinf (one of the first italian new wave projects) and published also a couple of 12" before disappearing... Now we have the chance to finally discover this album, originally recorded for a possible Contempo releases but "lost" after the bankrupt of the famous label. The album is produced by Paolo Favati (well known for his wonderful work with Pankow during the 80's and the 90's)... Night Rider sounds actually in the same vein of Talking Heads, with a weird sense of humor and great rhythms. Guest on one song Billy Blade from Italian legendary band GazNevada? The drawing on the front cover is an original made by Tanino Liberatore.... 

Download NINE INCH NAILS remix by Paolo Favati

Paolo F. Rmx Only One by NIN, you can download the rough premix version from the NIN official fans site rmx.
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Forbidden Flowers 
Scanty visual work built all around the track by Paolo Favati Forbidden Flowers (from L’Insolita Compilation, non-conventional electronic music, released by Pippola Music) Thanks to every personal imprint from all these different and non-conform image & sound searchers, this film took his manner within the encounter between pictorial antiquity and electronic modernity.

L'Insolita Compilation 

The compilation involves: Gianni Maroccolo and his new band (IG, with Ivana Gatti); Paolo Favati’s remix of “Ongii” by CSI and Forbidden Flowers, a prewiev of his upcoming solo album; Blume, a sophisticated indietronic pop band; Cpt.Nice, sort of 21thCentury Devo; A.M. Boys, an electro-post-kraut duo with German influences; Pt-r, sound researcher devoted to field recording; an electronic cover of a Morricone’s legendary theme.


European band based in Florence, Italy, whose core consists of multi-instrumentalist/ Maurizio Fasolo and German vocalist Alex Spalck, with the stable collaboration of Paolo Favati and Enzo Regi. Their music has always been coherent since their birth...they have never betrayed their philosophy to turn to easy gains.



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